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Fact: We need specially trained teachers—now more than ever.

Why? Because according to latest estimates autism is affecting 1 in 45 children, up from 1 in 500 in 1999.

You can have a bigger impact than you realize.

Teaching children with autism to effectively communicate, learn new skills and to change maladaptive behavior are some of the most important steps we can take to reduce or eliminate the effects of autism.  Listen to a teacher share her experiences in this video.

What kind of training do you need?

There’s no question that a skilled teacher has had plenty of training. But here’s the thing, it can be like the Wild West out there! Eclectic and nonevidence-based approaches and teaching practices abound.

When a teacher is not adequately prepared, not only does the learner suffer, but the teacher does, too. We need to establish and maintain teaching practices and strategies that make a meaningful and lifelong difference in the lives of children with autism and their families.

I design my trainings specifically to:

  • Uphold high, evidence-based standards
  • Directly address the characteristics of autism to positively impact learning
  • Equip, support, and train teachers to do paradigm-shifting work

I provide in-depth, evidence-based training and supporting resources to help you quickly get started implementing in the classroom. I’ll show you what works, why—and how to individualize instruction for your learners.

These are the skills that a well-trained teacher should have.  And because we use the science of learning, ABA, these are also skills that make us better humans.

Our training system incorporates knowledge and skills building, hands-on coaching for implementation in the classroom, and useful teaching resources to simplify data collection and analysis.

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Teaching Resources

Graphs, forms and teaching protocols for data collection, progress monitoring, and more!

  • Experience

    Linda has established and supported over 60 classrooms with students of all ages, and trained hundreds of teachers and staff in ABA/VB methods.

  • Expertise

    Linda has received advanced training from national leaders in the treatment of autism spectrum disorders, and specializes in managing problem behavior through the development of language skills.

  • Coaching

    Linda provides modeling and hands-on practice for participants producing the highest rate of skill transfer to the classroom.

Training provided in the following topics areas as requested:

    • Developing social skills programs
    • Training a learner for independent living and job skills
    • Managing problem behavior
    • Assessing function of behavior and developing a comprehensive positive behavior support plan
    • Developing a crisis plan as part of a comprehensive positive behavior support plan
“I have worked with professional educators in schools and organizations for over 10 years to establish 60+ ABA/VB classrooms for hundreds of learners of all ages across the autism spectrum. I understand the challenges you face and the training you need. Let’s get started changing lives together.”Linda Franchock, Board Certified Behavior Analyst and owner of EdKinetic LLC
  • Masters Degree

    Special Education
    Penn State University

  • Teacher Certification

    Special Education K-12
    Elementary Education K-5

  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst

  • Licensed Behavior Specialist

Linda's Resume/C.V.
  • Linda was especially helpful in working with children displaying challenging self- injurious behavior as well as self- stimulatory, obsessive compulsive behavior that was interfering with the child’s educational performance. Linda taught teachers how to organize their classrooms for optimal learning. She is a hands on “teacher of teachers,” always willing to teach as well as model to make staff feel competent in learning new procedures. Her method of presenting material is systematic and easy to follow.

    Kimberly Bennett M.Ed, BCBA, BSL, LSLP
    CEO, Journey Center

  • Linda Franchock was a valuable asset to the Autistic Support Program at the Claysburg-Kimmel Elementary School.  As a newly established program, our staff needed assistance on how to use positive reinforcement to shape behaviors. While assisting in the classroom, Linda trained staff on how to collect and interpret behavior data.  She taught staff how to collect antecedent behavior consequence (ABC) data and graph the results.

    Through her training and coaching, the autistic support team were able to write comprehensive behavior plans to support our students.

    Brian Helsel, Director of Special Services
    PA school district

  • I was having trouble with a student’s curriculum. He had maxed out and needed new direction. Mrs. Franchock worked tireless hours to come up with a solution and the student was challenged and thrived! I chose to work with Mrs. Franchock because she is one of the most respected and hard working professionals I have ever worked with, and her work ethic is tireless. She truly cares and is a difference maker.

    Her knowledge of students with Autism is unparalleled. Simply put, Mrs. Franchock is amazing at what she does.

    Joshua Zupon, Special Education Teacher
    PA school district

  • I have known Linda for many years and have had the pleasure to collaborate with her on projects relating to autism and/or managing challenging behavior. Linda’s wealth of experience and knowledge of managing challenging behavior in the classroom whether a child has autism or not has been of benefit to me.

    To this day I use strategies in my own consultations and trainings that I have learned from her. It is due to Linda’s guidance and training that I feel confident when asked to provide consultation services to educators who need support with managing challenging behaviors of students.

    Cherie Neely, M.Ed.
    Educational Consultant (supporting autism, inclusive practices and Traumatic Brain Injury)

  • Linda is a very professional consultant & trainer with an excellent understanding of applied behavior analysis and how to effectively apply this science in order bring about positive growth in children who have special learning needs, their families & the professionals who support them.  It is always my pleasure to have the opportunity to collaborate with this talented colleague.

    Cynthia L. Swank, M.Ed., BCBA, LBS
    Director/Owner, Swank Early Skills Development

  • Linda’s experience and knowledge base were critical in teaching both students and adults to promote compliance and optimize learning. She fluently adapted presentation of materials to meet the needs of staff on multiple levels. Linda provided constructive advice on everything from organizing the classroom, to setting up protocols for training and implementing learning programs, to cultivating functional skills and communication. She effectively supported staff in collecting and analyzing data to make evidence-based decisions for student programming, and intuitively customized student programs to meet their individual instructional needs.

    Linda possesses the expertise, professionalism, and interpersonal skills required to successfully support students, families, and professionals in the application of researched-based programs to promote successful learning.

    Sonia VanHorn, Occupational Therapist and Internal Coach supporting students with autism
    Outreach Therapy Services


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