Fact: We need specially trained teachers—now more than ever.

Why? Because according to latest estimates autism is affecting 1 in 45 children, up from 1 in 500 in 1999.

You can have a bigger impact than you realize.

Teaching children with autism to effectively communicate, learn new skills and to change maladaptive behavior are some of the most important steps we can take to reduce or eliminate the effects of autism.  Listen to a teacher share her experiences in this video.

What kind of training do you need?

There’s no question that a skilled teacher has had plenty of training. But here’s the thing, it can be like the Wild West out there! Eclectic and nonevidence-based approaches and teaching practices abound.

When a teacher is not adequately prepared, not only does the learner suffer, but the teacher does, too. We need to establish and maintain teaching practices and strategies that make a meaningful and lifelong difference in the lives of children with autism and their families.

I design my trainings specifically to:

  • Uphold high, evidence-based standards
  • Directly address the characteristics of autism to positively impact learning
  • Equip, support, and train teachers to do paradigm-shifting work

I provide in-depth, evidence-based training and supporting resources to help you quickly get started implementing in the classroom. I’ll show you what works, why—and how to individualize instruction for your learners.

These are the skills that a well-trained teacher should have.  And because we use the science of learning, ABA, these are also skills that make us better humans.

Our training system incorporates knowledge and skills building, hands-on coaching for implementation in the classroom, and useful teaching resources to simplify data collection and analysis.
Beginner Training

The beginner workshop provides specialized training and guided practice in 6 Critical Areas that enables teachers to design comprehensive educational programs and deliver instruction using the number one intervention for learners with autism, ABA.  Click above to see training details.

Intermediate Training

The intermediate workshop takes you beyond the beginner workshop providing guided practice in over 20 different types of instruction for beginner, intermediate and advance learners, in the areas of manding, tacting, listener responding, visual perception, intraverbal and peer to peer skills training. Click above to see training details.

Custom Training

We also offer custom training packages that specifically meet the needs of your organization, teachers, parents and/or classrooms. Work directly with Linda as you build a custom program together. See the below list of topics for examples of additional training options and click above to learn about additional services.

Teaching Resources

Graphs, forms and teaching protocols for data collection, progress monitoring, and more!

Additional training provided in the following topics areas as requested:
  • Developing social skills programs
  • Training a learner for independent living and job skills
  • Managing problem behavior
  • Assessing function of behavior and developing a comprehensive positive behavior support plan
  • Developing a crisis plan as part of a comprehensive positive behavior support plan
“I have worked with professional educators in schools and organizations for over 12 years to establish 60+ ABA/VB classrooms for hundreds of learners of all ages across the autism spectrum. I understand the challenges you face and the training you need. Let’s get started changing lives together.”Linda Franchock, Board Certified Behavior Analyst and owner of EdKinetic LLC
Linda’s CVTestimonials

Linda has established and supported over 60 classrooms with students of all ages, and trained hundreds of teachers and staff in ABA/VB methods.


Linda has received advanced  training from national leaders in the treatment of autism spectrum disorders, and specializes in managing problem behavior through the development of language skills.


Linda provides modeling and hands-on practice for participants producing the highest rate of skill transfer to the classroom.


MS Special Education, Penn State University

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Licensed Behavior Specialist

Teacher Certification in Special Education K-12 and Elementary Education K-5


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