Shape It!

“How to Reduce or Eliminate
Problem Behavior
in Learners with Autism.”

In this two-day workshop you will learn and practice research-based methods of applied behavior analysis to teach appropriate replacement behaviors and decrease problem behavior in learners with autism.

The effects of autism can create significant barriers to learning, and can severely affect communication, social and academic skill development. Instead, socially inappropriate behaviors begin to develop as a means to gain access to things or remove unwanted events. 
Through targeted skills training, you can teach appropriate behaviors to replace problem behaviors so that your learners can be active participants in learning and social interactions.

Suggested participants: Teachers, classroom support staff, administrators, speech pathologists, school psychologists, parents, BCBAs, BCaBAs, behavior specialists.

Participants will…

  • Review the characteristics of autism
  • Discuss functional assessment information as it relates to IDEA
  • Identify safety measures for staff and learners related to implementing behavior management strategies
  • Identify and practice critical behavioral concepts used in shaping behavior
  • List the four critical components for eliminating or reducing problem behavior
  • Identify different functions of problem behavior and their replacement behaviors
  • Name ways to increase learner motivation to engage in appropriate behaviors
  • Define and practice teaching procedures used to replace problem behavior when it occurs in the following conditions:
    • Requesting reinforcers
    • Giving up reinforcers
    • Transitioning from preferred to non-preferred items/activities
    • Complying with requests to complete tasks
    • Accepting “no”
    • Waiting
  • Identify and discuss data collection procedures to determine function of behavior, to measure progress of interventions and to aid in data-based decision making

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Presenter Linda Franchock
Board Certified Behavior Analyst, PA Licensed Behavior Specialist, MS Special Education, Teaching Certificate Elementary Education